"The Behavior Management program is designed to help teachers, administrators, parents and students learn techniques to affect positive change and create a healthy learning environment for all. We accomplish this through G.R.A.C.E. - Giving Responsibility and Accountability to Children in Education."

Why have a Behavior Management program?
The teachers and staff work together to create a productive, and safe environment. We strive to provide the support needed by elementary, middle school and high school students so that they may 

  • Enjoy being themselves

  • Get along with different types of people 

  • Make good friends

  • Learn in a productive environment.

We have no "bad kids" in our community; just good kids who make occasional bad choices--no different than adults! We take the stand that everyone makes mistakes at one time or another, and that dealing with those mistakes can help us learn important life skills. Additionally, we recognize that different people need different kinds of help in order to be successful in school. 

Students may get themselves in trouble because they

  • Don't know how to behave (need information) 

  • Test limits (need stability and consistency), and/or

  • Can't manage their feelings (need to separate their behavior from their feelings).

Our Behavior Management program is a discipline plan based on a balance of "grace" and "accountability." It allows for the consistency, empathy, and open communication necessary to establish respectful relationships. Therefore, it is an effective, proactive approach for teaching children how to get their needs met before they get themselves in trouble. The structure of the program helps adults help students develop three life skills necessary for anyone of any age to experience success. The objective is for a student to be able to:

  1. Take good care of him/herself even if he/ she is angry or upset. 

  2. Be okay even if others around him/her are not okay. 

  3. Do something even if he/she doesn't want to.

Ultimately, this process assists people in learning how to work with others to achieve their goals. In the years we've been using the program, we've discovered that it is good for kids AND adults. We're excited about including parents in learning how to use our program.