Distance Learning

 October 12, 2020 

Dear High School Parents: 

During this time of distance learning we want to ensure that each of our high school students continue to have access to high-quality instruction and assignments. We plan to deliver instruction through a virtual learning environment, and we need your support to ensure the success of our efforts. If your family needs assistance with internet connection, please call the high school office. Please take a moment to review our plan below and talk with your child about the importance of continuing their education during this time. 

What you can expect from our teachers? 

  • Students will receive instruction through Google Classroom. 
  • Beginning Tuesday, October 13, virtual lessons will be uploaded. Students should login each day to check for posted instruction, assignments and instructions from the teacher. 
  • Teachers will post relevant supplemental materials to support students with instructional delivery of content such as video lessons, annotated notes, PowerPoint presentations and website links. 
  • Teachers will be available everyday via Google Meet from 10:30-11:30 and 1:30-2:30 for live instruction and tutoring. A link will be provided by teachers via Google Classroom, email, and/or Google Calendar. 
  • Teachers will be available to monitor and respond to student emails and questions from 8:00 am until 3:00 pm everyday regarding questions about assignments and instructional material. 
  • Information regarding online access to resources will be forthcoming from teachers. 

What are student expectations? 

  • Students should login to each of their Google Classrooms on a daily basis. 
  • Students will need to complete all required assignments and submit these as directed by their teacher. 
  • Students should email teachers or make an appointment for an individual Google Meet if they have any questions. 
  • Students should take advantage of the live instruction and tutoring each morning and afternoon through Google Meet. 

How can parents help? 

  • Ensure that your child is checking their Google Classroom on a daily basis. 
  • Ensure that your child is completing all required assignments and submitting these to their teacher in a timely manner. 
  • Encourage your child to reach out to their teacher if they have any questions or concerns or need any extra help!