At the beginning of EACH SEASON, student-athletes must obtain a Practice Card to be able to participate in ANY sport, including practices. To obtain a Practice Card, student-athletes must be registered with the R-XVI Athletic Department.

Registration Steps

Step #1 - Student-athletes and their parent(s) must click on and read the following: 

Step #2 - Pick up a Sport Registration Packet or print one, read, complete and sign in all signature spots.

Step # 3 - Have a current, completed MSHSAA 2-Year Physical Form on file in the Athletic Department.

Step # 4 - Bring the completed Sport Registration Packet to the Athletic Director’s Office at the High School. 

Step # 5 - Receive your Practice Card so that you can give it to your coach.

Step # 6 - Participate in practice once you give your coach your practice card.